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Nobuyoshi Araki
Interviewed by Jerome Sans

Jerome Sans: Why call your book “Araki by Araki” when you have edited most of your own books yourself? Was there something special about this one?

Jerome Sans : Mengapa buku ini anda namakan “Araki by Araki”, toh selama ini anda selalu meng-edit sendiri buku anda? Apakah ada sesuatu yang khusus mengenai karya yang satu ini?

Nobuyoshi Araki: I turned sixty at the end of the 20th century. In Japan, a sixtieth birthday, called the Kanreki, is a specific date representing a cycle of life that finishes while another one begins. It’s a passage, a renaissance. For this occasion, I thought of compiling all my works. I’ve kept some of the best for the end, like “Picasso’s Picasso”. First, I thought of publishing everything myself in Japan. But finally it seemed more interesting to do it through another person’s perspective, and most particularly a foreigner’s. For me, the “other person” is always a foreigner. And this time, it is indeed a foreigner, which is very fresh. Ultimately, this book is not “Araki by Araki”, but “Araki by TASCHEN”. I think it remains just as interesting. When a foreigner chooses my works, it can reveal to unknown aspects of myself. I’ve had many exhibits abroad (in Austria at the Wiener Secession, in Italy at the Museo-Centro per l’arte contemporanea Pecci de Prato …) and each time I encountered a similar experience. I had already found that things which did not seem particularly important to me were interesting to others.
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The First $3M Photograph

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An Andreas Gursky diptych fetched more than $3.3 million at a London auction last month, topping Edward Steichen’s previous record.

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Hello World!

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