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Toilets Of The World

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Loo, john, dunny, bathroom, lavatory, outhouse, WC, longdrop, commodities, powder-room, crapper, throne, porcelain god, washroom, toilet, can, urinal, facilities, pisser, comfort station, head, water-closet, little boys’ room, shitter, pot, nettie, bog, …So many names refer to the same mundane object. This boundless terminology reflects human beings’ natural fascination with the toilet. Taboo subjects that have provoked deep interest throughout the ages are known by many names – consider death, drugs and copulation, to name a few. Terms for the toilet all describe the smallest room in the house, in the backyard, on the boat, or elsewhere. This list is from English alone. To compile a complete list of toilet terminology from all languages would fill volumes. Regardless of how it is referred to, the universal aspect cannot be denied: every human being on earth uses the toilet.

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Nobuyoshi Araki
Interviewed by Jerome Sans

Jerome Sans: Why call your book “Araki by Araki” when you have edited most of your own books yourself? Was there something special about this one?

Jerome Sans : Mengapa buku ini anda namakan “Araki by Araki”, toh selama ini anda selalu meng-edit sendiri buku anda? Apakah ada sesuatu yang khusus mengenai karya yang satu ini?

Nobuyoshi Araki: I turned sixty at the end of the 20th century. In Japan, a sixtieth birthday, called the Kanreki, is a specific date representing a cycle of life that finishes while another one begins. It’s a passage, a renaissance. For this occasion, I thought of compiling all my works. I’ve kept some of the best for the end, like “Picasso’s Picasso”. First, I thought of publishing everything myself in Japan. But finally it seemed more interesting to do it through another person’s perspective, and most particularly a foreigner’s. For me, the “other person” is always a foreigner. And this time, it is indeed a foreigner, which is very fresh. Ultimately, this book is not “Araki by Araki”, but “Araki by TASCHEN”. I think it remains just as interesting. When a foreigner chooses my works, it can reveal to unknown aspects of myself. I’ve had many exhibits abroad (in Austria at the Wiener Secession, in Italy at the Museo-Centro per l’arte contemporanea Pecci de Prato …) and each time I encountered a similar experience. I had already found that things which did not seem particularly important to me were interesting to others.
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100 x France/Photographies francaises des origines a aujourd’hui

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One can understand here the emotion felt by the whole world on discovering photography: a dream becoming reality. This catalogue books tells a story that began officially in 1839 in Paris, and continues up to today’s conceptual photography. Straddling art and science, photography cannot be understood without an understanding of its technique. Each of these prints is accompanied by a text about the history of the photograph and the photographer, telling us also about France and the French, and Paris.

Satu hal yang dapat dipahami adalah perasaan yang menggugah hati seluruh dunia atas penemuan   fotografi: mimpi menjadi kenyataan. Buku katalog ini bercerita bagaimana awalnya fotografi pada  tahun 1839 di Paris, dan berlanjut hingga hari ini seperti konsepsi fotografi yang kita pahami sekarang. Berada diantara seni dan science, fotografi tidak dapat dipahami tanpa pemahaman   prinsip teknis. masing-masing cetakan gambar disertai catatan sejarah fotografi tersebut dan si fotografernya, bercerita kepada kita tentang Paris di negeri Perancis dan orang-orangnya.

In memory of Janine Niépce (†)
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I Hope You Are All Happy Now

In Book on October 16, 2008 at 8:23 pm

I Hope You Are All Happy Now is a photography book by Nick Zinner, the guitarist for the New York indie-rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Zinner is an accomplished photographer. He studied photography at Bard College and has released three separate collections of his work: No Seats on the Party Car (2001), Slept in Beds (2003) and I hope you are all happy now (2004), which features an introduction written by director Jim Jarmusch. He also studied photography in Paris, France in 2001 before meeting Karen O.

I Hope You Are All Happy Now, adalah sebuah buku fotografi Nick Zinner, Gitaris dari band New York indie-rock Yeah Yeah Yeah. Zinner seorang fotografer yang handal. Dia belajar fotografi di Bard College dan telah menerbitkan 3 koleksi karyanya yang berbeda: No Seats on the Party Car (2001), Slept in Beds (2003) and I Hope You Are All Happy Now (2004), dengan pengantar istimewa yang ditulis oleh sutradara independent Jim Jarmusch. Ia juga belajar fotografi di Paris, Perancis di tahun 2001 sebelum bertemu Karen O.

“Nick Zinner has a rock ‘n’ roll eye for the details of life on the road, exposing YYY’s rise from the gutters of NYC’s East Village to the pages of Rolling Stone. But these are more than casual tour snapshots. His eye is sharp. Music loud ‘n’ wild ‘n’ free comes to life on the pages of this book. These pix are a personal view to where he’s at — the faces, the places, the gore, and the glory — all the highway songs along the way. By the pictures’ own admission, the fans in the crowd take center stage, and by now we are all among them, in the front row, looking up into his lens.” –Lee Renaldo / Sonic Youth

“Nick Zinner memiliki mata rock ‘n’ roll yang melihat dengan detil kehidupan di jalan. menyingkap YYY’s
dari selokan NYC’s East Village sampai ke halaman-halaman majalah Rolling Door. Tapi ini bukan sekedar dokumentasi yang biasa. Matanya sangat tajam. Music hingar bingar bebas dan liar menjadi hidup dalam halaman-halaman buku ini. foto-foto tersebut memandang banyak hal dengan sangat pribadi – wajah wajah, tempat-tempat, darah dan kebanggan – semuanya menjadi lagu yang diteriakkan sepanjang jalan. Lewat gambar-gambar ini ia memberi penghargaan tersendiri, bagi penggemar yang berdesak-desakan di depan panggung, dan sekarang kita telah menjadi bagian mereka, berbaris didepan, menatap langsung ke dalam lensanya.”  -Lee Renaldo / Sonic Youth

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