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Land of the Free by Steve Schofield

In Portfolio, Project on January 22, 2009 at 12:18 am



My practice is concerned with exploring the fascination that the British public has with American popular culture and the sub-cultural world of fandom. In the images, I have shown people in their own homes and environments wearing costumes that they would be dressed in to attend events with other like-minded individuals. It seeks to offer a glimpse into seemingly ordinary lives of my subjects and allows the private to become public. The work hints at the depth of people’s fantasies and the methods they employ to adopt this culture as part of their own lifestyle as a means of escapism.

The work makes a political reference to globalisation and America’s ongoing ability to infiltrate all cultures via various channels of media. Much of daily life is influenced by ‘Americanisms’ whether through language, food or fashion, which can often be traced back to music videos, the Hollywood film industry, advertising and American sit-coms.
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What Will Be There by Jordi Huisman

In Portfolio, Project on December 5, 2008 at 11:21 pm



What Will Be There

“This is a place that breathes a never existed past. Over here, the future is merely more than upcoming past. Someday, someone will learn to walk over here, someday someone will breathe their last breath. But for now, it’s still deserted”. This is an investigation on a place that yet has to be turned into living space. It’s been prepared for the working to begin, but this hasn’t happened. Since then, nature started reclaiming the area.

“ini adalah tempat bagi masa lalu yang tak pernah muncul. Di sini, masa depan hanyalah sebentuk masa lalu yang segera datang. Suatu hari nanti, seseorang akan belajar untuk melangkah ke sini, suatu hari seseorang akan melepaskan nafas terakhirnya. Tetapi sekarang, tidak ada seorang pun di sini.” Ini adalah sebuah penelitian terhadap tempat yang belum juga dikembalikan ke dalam kondisi yang layak hidup. Segala persiapan telah dilakukan, tapi tak kunjung berjalan. Sementara itu, alam telah mulai mengambil alih area tersebut.

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Sadako’s Trip by Liu Tzu Cheng.

In Portfolio, Project on November 2, 2008 at 6:35 pm



Sadako is a ghost figure. She lingers around certain places for unfinished business. If someone happened to take a picture in the ream, then it might appear in the image as a way to deliver her message to the living world.  The figure’s appearance in a picture stands for an omen to the innocent subject of the image.

Sadako adalah sesosok hantu. Dia gentayangan di tempat-tempat tertentu untuk menyelesaikan urusannya yang belum selesai. Ketika di sana ada yang kebetulan foto beramai-ramai, dia akan muncul di gambar yang dihasilkan sebagai cara untuk menyampaikan pesannya pada dunia kehidupan. Kemunculan sosok tersebut bertindak sebagai pertanda akan suatu imaji subyek yang innocent.

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Cowok Otomotif by Julia Sarisetiati

In Portfolio, Project on October 30, 2008 at 12:20 pm



What if it were man who dominated all advertising materials of cars and motorcycles? Just imagine that they could be found everywhere; it wouldn’t matter whether they’re in masculine or in smiley-sweet pose. simply as meaningless decoration.

Bayangkan jika  semua yang mendominasi materi promosi mobil dan motor adalah laki-laki. Khayalkan mereka ada dimana-mana. Berpose maskulin sampai manis pun tak apa. Sebagai dekorasi yang tak perlu memiliki makna penting apapun.

Every single thing related to automobile, I don’t know why, so often using woman figures as the models. And automobile show at the end turns into Sales Promotion Girl exhibition. In addition to that, cars and motorcycle promotion calendars also place women as their models. Automobile magazines also want to take part in inserting at least one page to put in a special column about woman and automobile.

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Belanda Sudah Dekat by Wimo Ambala Bayang

In Artist Residency, Exhibition, Portfolio on October 18, 2008 at 6:14 pm

Wimo Ambala Bayang
, born in Magelang in 1976, studied in the Interior Design Program at the Modern School of Design and the Photography Department at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta.

Wimo Ambala Bayang lahir di Magelang pada tahun 1976.Ia belajar desain interior
di Modern School of Design dan jurusan fotografi di Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta.

Wimo Ambala Bayang is an artist who works with photography and video. His works reflect unique perspectives towards culture that are not made under pretense to criticize, but to make us re-think the habits that seem ‘to have always been there’. History and facts, minor and major, are important aspects that must always be considered in the creative process.

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