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Twilight Zone by Sato Shintaro

In Interview, Project on February 25, 2009 at 7:54 pm
Akabane0578 + Shinkoiwa-Patinko

Akabane0578 + Shinkoiwa-Patinko

Sato Shintaro interviewed by Jim Allen Abel a.k.a jimbo + Nuraini Juliastuti

1. How do you define your works?  Can you summarize your works in three keywords?

Twilight,  Fire escape,  Tokyo .

2. What things that draw you to photography?

Maybe densely populated area fascinates me.

3. Your works seem so simple yet complicated. Can you tell us your work process?

At first I search for shooting locations during the daytime. Then I take a picture of that place in the hour from dusk until dark. I bring films to the lab and after development, I make prints from the negative film myself. It often takes several days to finish one photograph.

4. Seen from your works, city lights and urban architecture are things that interested you the most. you always manage to draw people away from your photographs of crowded cities and streets. You seem not to be interested in depicting human presence. Why?

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Falling To the Earth by Li Wei.

In Interview, Project, Tips & Tricks on February 14, 2009 at 1:38 am


Li Wei interview by Jim Allen Abel (Jimbo).

When you started working with photography medium? And why photography?

I started my photography career from 1999. It’s a kind of mix of performance and photography.This kind of art can express my artworks.

You made works with performance. What did you want  to say with that works?

Performance can lead audiences to my artworks visually. Sometimes they are be a part of my performance, can experience. To let them feel the suitation between illusion and reality.

Do you have any time limitation in the process of this project ? and do you have any new project right now?

I don’t have time limit. I follow my intuition. Society and environment gives me different thoughts. My artworks have many different ways of expression but the theme won’t be changed a lot. New works are fufulling my art dreams, to make my art language more powerful.

Who is your influence in most of your works?

Many artists, society and environments affect my art.

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Holiday Project by Ruang MES56

In Exhibition, Project on February 3, 2009 at 4:40 pm


Holiday Project (2004)

Positively, Photography supposed to be an ideal means to reconfigure the world’s facts and what really happened inside, it also could be an important instrument of Cartesian accordingly, tracking any footprint left, besides its neutrality and impersonality. The emerging of Digital technology as if an ironic progress for the photography world, especially to its ability to change, add and even “create” the event.

We’ll tried to make a simple simulation through all of those works on human perception towards events and how technology could bring those events altogether.

Some people on our works are ordinary men around MES 56 neighborhood, which are not the citizen of Jakarta and already had much presume about “A (short) visit to Jakarta”. We asked them which photos they’d prefer bringing home in so many places they’d choose if they have an occasion going to the city? To Mr. Rudi, Holiday in Jakarta is visiting Monas (National Monument)! To Mr. Jacky who had a different point of view, he suppose Dunia Fantasi (The Fantasy World), and Jaya Ancol Dream Park (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol) is a better place to spend to, and Monas to him is no more than just a symbol of city identity, and not a tourist destination. Read the rest of this entry »

Land of the Free by Steve Schofield

In Portfolio, Project on January 22, 2009 at 12:18 am



My practice is concerned with exploring the fascination that the British public has with American popular culture and the sub-cultural world of fandom. In the images, I have shown people in their own homes and environments wearing costumes that they would be dressed in to attend events with other like-minded individuals. It seeks to offer a glimpse into seemingly ordinary lives of my subjects and allows the private to become public. The work hints at the depth of people’s fantasies and the methods they employ to adopt this culture as part of their own lifestyle as a means of escapism.

The work makes a political reference to globalisation and America’s ongoing ability to infiltrate all cultures via various channels of media. Much of daily life is influenced by ‘Americanisms’ whether through language, food or fashion, which can often be traced back to music videos, the Hollywood film industry, advertising and American sit-coms.
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Toilets Of The World

In Book, Project on January 16, 2009 at 1:15 am


Loo, john, dunny, bathroom, lavatory, outhouse, WC, longdrop, commodities, powder-room, crapper, throne, porcelain god, washroom, toilet, can, urinal, facilities, pisser, comfort station, head, water-closet, little boys’ room, shitter, pot, nettie, bog, …So many names refer to the same mundane object. This boundless terminology reflects human beings’ natural fascination with the toilet. Taboo subjects that have provoked deep interest throughout the ages are known by many names – consider death, drugs and copulation, to name a few. Terms for the toilet all describe the smallest room in the house, in the backyard, on the boat, or elsewhere. This list is from English alone. To compile a complete list of toilet terminology from all languages would fill volumes. Regardless of how it is referred to, the universal aspect cannot be denied: every human being on earth uses the toilet.

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What Will Be There by Jordi Huisman

In Portfolio, Project on December 5, 2008 at 11:21 pm



What Will Be There

“This is a place that breathes a never existed past. Over here, the future is merely more than upcoming past. Someday, someone will learn to walk over here, someday someone will breathe their last breath. But for now, it’s still deserted”. This is an investigation on a place that yet has to be turned into living space. It’s been prepared for the working to begin, but this hasn’t happened. Since then, nature started reclaiming the area.

“ini adalah tempat bagi masa lalu yang tak pernah muncul. Di sini, masa depan hanyalah sebentuk masa lalu yang segera datang. Suatu hari nanti, seseorang akan belajar untuk melangkah ke sini, suatu hari seseorang akan melepaskan nafas terakhirnya. Tetapi sekarang, tidak ada seorang pun di sini.” Ini adalah sebuah penelitian terhadap tempat yang belum juga dikembalikan ke dalam kondisi yang layak hidup. Segala persiapan telah dilakukan, tapi tak kunjung berjalan. Sementara itu, alam telah mulai mengambil alih area tersebut.

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Make Your Own Scanner Camera by Mike Golembewski

In Project, Tips & Tricks on November 27, 2008 at 5:28 am

Turn a scanner into a camera that takes some pretty wild photos. An easy way to have fun with an old scanner!.

Photojojo said:

We’re gonna call it now — the flatbed scanner’s headed the way of the landline, the fax machine, and (dare we say it) the polaroid.

Sure, it’s probably got a few more years in it, but if you’re like us, you’re already using your scanner about as often as your thermal-paper fax.

Why fight it?

With a bit of foamcore and bit of Sunday afternoon, you’ll turn your flatbed into a frankenstein camera, ready to take ghostly images anywhere. Learn how in this video tutorial from our pals at Make.

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Anonymous Project by Angki Purbandono

In Artist Residency, Project on November 21, 2008 at 9:39 pm



The idea “Anonymous Project” is coming from a three-month residency program Landing Soon #1 initiated by Cemeti Art House (Yogyakarta) and Arthoteek (Denhaag) in 2006. During my residency program, I collected old photographs bought from secondhand goods vendors, conducted a research, transformed them into new visual products—creating zinc-made neon boxes and attaching collection of found photos on them, and producing a video work—and hence reinterpreted the history.
The whole process has inspired me to start on thinking of a historical project based on collection photos I have. The underlying thoughts of this project are firstly, the history teaching methods are still concentrating around conventional ways such as delivering lectures using state-constructed history books while rich visual resources—photographs, drawings, videos and so forth—are deliberately neglected. Secondly, as the most popular documentation system introduced by the Dutch since more than a hundred years ago, photography products undoubtedly have become the genuine records of society, providing specific-mesmerizing features irreplaceable by other historical documents. However, photographs are traditionally kept as personal archives without any attempt at acknowledging them as valid historical reference has resulted in making them to become passive historical notes.

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Sadako’s Trip by Liu Tzu Cheng.

In Portfolio, Project on November 2, 2008 at 6:35 pm



Sadako is a ghost figure. She lingers around certain places for unfinished business. If someone happened to take a picture in the ream, then it might appear in the image as a way to deliver her message to the living world.  The figure’s appearance in a picture stands for an omen to the innocent subject of the image.

Sadako adalah sesosok hantu. Dia gentayangan di tempat-tempat tertentu untuk menyelesaikan urusannya yang belum selesai. Ketika di sana ada yang kebetulan foto beramai-ramai, dia akan muncul di gambar yang dihasilkan sebagai cara untuk menyampaikan pesannya pada dunia kehidupan. Kemunculan sosok tersebut bertindak sebagai pertanda akan suatu imaji subyek yang innocent.

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Cowok Otomotif by Julia Sarisetiati

In Portfolio, Project on October 30, 2008 at 12:20 pm



What if it were man who dominated all advertising materials of cars and motorcycles? Just imagine that they could be found everywhere; it wouldn’t matter whether they’re in masculine or in smiley-sweet pose. simply as meaningless decoration.

Bayangkan jika  semua yang mendominasi materi promosi mobil dan motor adalah laki-laki. Khayalkan mereka ada dimana-mana. Berpose maskulin sampai manis pun tak apa. Sebagai dekorasi yang tak perlu memiliki makna penting apapun.

Every single thing related to automobile, I don’t know why, so often using woman figures as the models. And automobile show at the end turns into Sales Promotion Girl exhibition. In addition to that, cars and motorcycle promotion calendars also place women as their models. Automobile magazines also want to take part in inserting at least one page to put in a special column about woman and automobile.

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