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Falling To the Earth by Li Wei.

In Interview, Project, Tips & Tricks on February 14, 2009 at 1:38 am


Li Wei interview by Jim Allen Abel (Jimbo).

When you started working with photography medium? And why photography?

I started my photography career from 1999. It’s a kind of mix of performance and photography.This kind of art can express my artworks.

You made works with performance. What did you want  to say with that works?

Performance can lead audiences to my artworks visually. Sometimes they are be a part of my performance, can experience. To let them feel the suitation between illusion and reality.

Do you have any time limitation in the process of this project ? and do you have any new project right now?

I don’t have time limit. I follow my intuition. Society and environment gives me different thoughts. My artworks have many different ways of expression but the theme won’t be changed a lot. New works are fufulling my art dreams, to make my art language more powerful.

Who is your influence in most of your works?

Many artists, society and environments affect my art.

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Make Your Own Scanner Camera by Mike Golembewski

In Project, Tips & Tricks on November 27, 2008 at 5:28 am

Turn a scanner into a camera that takes some pretty wild photos. An easy way to have fun with an old scanner!.

Photojojo said:

We’re gonna call it now — the flatbed scanner’s headed the way of the landline, the fax machine, and (dare we say it) the polaroid.

Sure, it’s probably got a few more years in it, but if you’re like us, you’re already using your scanner about as often as your thermal-paper fax.

Why fight it?

With a bit of foamcore and bit of Sunday afternoon, you’ll turn your flatbed into a frankenstein camera, ready to take ghostly images anywhere. Learn how in this video tutorial from our pals at Make.

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Camera Trap Catches Unusual Poses of Smaller Forms of Wild Life (Jan, 1933)

In Tips & Tricks on October 17, 2008 at 12:14 am

Camera Trap Catches Unusual Poses of Smaller Forms of Wild Life

AN ORDINARY mouse trap and a few feet of 1/2″ x 1-1/4″ stock are all the parts required to make this automatic shutter release for your box camera. The device, which should be painted green, is unique in catching unusual poses of small forms of wild life.

At one end of the 51-in. base, construct a mount for the camera. The rear of the mount is 5-3/4″ and the front is 5-1/2″ to allow the lens to point down into the camera field. Screw the trap to the base of the device directly below the lens. A short length of wire connects the camera lever to the trap spring. Another length runs from the trigger through wire screw-eyes in the base to the opposite end where a nut or morsel of food is fastened as bait.

Scratch-N-See: Vandalize Your Photos in the Name of Art

In Tips & Tricks on October 15, 2008 at 12:57 pm

We love Josh Poehlein’s photography portfolios, “Unstill Lives,” and “Ghosts” because they don’t show us everything.

Wait, what? Sure, photography’s all about revelation. But sometimes the best photographs are of the things you can’t see.

Poehlein takes this one step further by taking one step back. Let us explain: he scratches off the emulsion from his prints in order to add another image, often of what you’d imagine would be in the photo but isn’t. A stream of water from a dry showerhead, birds in an empty nest, a giant boat in the distance of a still lake.

The results are even more awesome if you can draw. Which we can’t. Still, we had fun making our own scratch-n-see works of art. And they turned out pretty great, if a little amateur next to Poehlein’s genius. (That’s our monster on Coit Tower, in case you couldn’t tell by the, ahem, difference in skill.)

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